Calvert Cliffs State Park

What We Found

Our Calvert Cliffs & Maryland fossil collection

Chesapecten nefrens. Calvert Cliffs.
We found many of these shells, mostly broken.

Polynices Heros. Little Cove Point.

Busycon fusiforme. Little Cove Point.

Ecphora gardnerae germonae. Little Cove Point.

Misc shells.

Turitella plebeia plebeia. Little Cove Point.

Internal mode of clam.

unidentified Calvert Cliffs.

Barnacles, Balanus concavus. Calvert Cliffs.

Coral, Astrhekia palmata. Scientists Cliffs.

Dolphin / porpoise teeth, Shark teeth, Tay teeth. Calvert Cliffs.

Vertebra, possibly dolphin / porpoise. Calvert Cliffs.

Vertebra. Possibly whale. Calvert Cliffs.

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