Hogtown Creek
Gainesville, FL
2009, 2010

> On several trips through Florida I stayed overnight in Gainesville. I learned of a creek where fossil shark teeth and mammal bones could be found. So I decided to take my kids and students to the creek, but first educated myself on the law governing fossil hunting in Florida and any required permits. The creek was easy to find, and easy to access. We had to be aware of posin ivy since we were there in the summer. This also meant that we had to prepare for the mosquitoes. We were prepared for all that.

We found small shark teek, ray teeth, and bone scraps. It wasn't much, and the bones hardly identifiable, but we did enjoy our time under the canopy of trees and brush and panning in the creek. After our trips to the creek we would go to the hotel and clean up and head over to the Florida Museum of Natural History and enjoy the exhibits there.

Stuff We Found

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