Sanibel Island, FL
We spent our 2017 vacation in Florida visiting Universal Studios Harry Potter World, Seashelling on Sanibel Island, and fossiling on the Peace River. Sanibel Island is beautiful and the beaches are covered with shells, most are the very common variaty. Since it was turtle nesting season we had to wait till sunlight before combing the beach. We also drove up to Captiva Island to enjoy the sunsets.

The Seashell Museum on the Island is a must see.

Sunrise on Sanibel.

Sun's up, time to start collecting.

The beach is covered with shells.

I'm rich, I'm rich! Captiva Island.

Moon over Sanibel

Sunset on Captiva Island
What We Found

Bivalves from Sanibel Island.

Olives, Tulips, Cones, Moon Shells, Conchs, Welks from Sanibel Island.

Captiva Island seashells.
Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum
Sanibel Island, FL




Tree snails.


Conchs, welks, murex, and more.

Large, gorgeous Emperor's Slit shell.

Large, gorgeous Triton Trumpet shell.

Large, gorgeous Venus Comb Murex. My favorite.

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